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Smart Metabolism - Design a AI-based tool for connecting material flows of a territory

Posted by: Philippe Drouillon

Campaign: How do you make recycling easier for the business community?

The idea is to set up an Artificial Intelligence based tool that identifies possibilities of connecting business waste/by products with raw material needs of another business and this on a specific territory (to limit transportation distance). This tool would : 1 - identify potential connections 2 - identify waste / by product transformation needs (physical and/or chemical) 3 - assess the economical viability of the entire waste transformation value chain (from waste collection and transformation to \"new product\" supply This will require the setup of : - a database of various material flows with all its potential transformation processes - a database of cost assessments of various transformation pathways - a scenario generation tool

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4 ratings

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Sasha Viasasha

I love this idea. How do we create this, what systems and technology do we need?🙄

Magnus Penker

Very interesting. Can we build small cheap devices and install in garbage rooms in condors, stores, etc.? Like a \"water meter\" collecting substances through picture recognition, etc.?

Greg Collier

Great idea - there is a push to measure carbon footprint, we just need to measure the components of waste and map to users of raw material. An extension will be to show a geographical waste material map so that start-ups can think about ways to utilise it in new ways. Something that was once waste, now utilised and waste free - bring it on

Frank Voehl

Successfully innovating has become a matter of organizational agility. Delivering sustainable innovation requires developing appropriate responses to changing consumer and market requirements whilst providing meaningful added value over competitive offerings. This mandates installing holistic, yet diligently executed management processes across each component of the innovation life-cycle: from the collection of ideas to project implementation and on-market performance follow-up.

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