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Benchmark established circular economy businesses and enterprises

Posted by: Eoin Flavin

Campaign: How can we create a supportive sustainable circular business infrastructure?

While not universal, sectors of our societies do have some circular economy elements in use, at varying levels of scale, maturity and success. Investigate and model these sectors. Choose prospective sectors where conversion/convergence to circular economic models seems practical. Identify key stakeholders regionally for these sectors (eg. at EU Level) and communicate the successful models to those stake-holders. Eg. Single use Vs reusables

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Taofeeq Ashiru

Great idea Eion. There is a famous phrase, \"Copy good things shamelessly.\" Benchmarking is a powerful tool, especially when it comes to the survival of us all. I will suggest that we build on the sharing economy models to share sustainable circular business models across regions. With AI translators, language barriers should be a thing of the past. The mandate to share data/information should be a key component of project funding for sustainable projects.

AJ Kennedy

Sensible idea Eoin. Great comment Tapfeeq. We could start with companies that specialise in supple chain managment.

Eoin Flavin

Thansk Aj

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