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Corporate Totems

Posted by: Greg Collier

Campaign: Can we create a new Amazon?

In Australian Aboriginal culture everyone takes an animal as a totem. In doing this they are bound to protect that animal as they live their life. If every organisation in the world chose an animal, insect, amphibian, plant etc as a corporate totem then they would swear to protect it and receive branding and marketing kudos for their efforts. The selected species would become a core part of their corporate identity.

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8 ratings

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Sofie Lindblom

Love this! Can you broaden the scope to include animals but also other areas/challenges: oceans, rainforest etc

Susan Wright

This is a great idea. I know some organizations will focus more on a charity that helps people like a specific disease they want to eradicate but never thought about a focus on either an animal or environmental issue.

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