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Fix the Planet is a not-for-profit campaign to raise awareness about the science of climate change and to create an online platform where everyone on the planet can share their ideas on helping the UN achieve 4 of their Sustainable Development Goals, numbers 12-15.

After ideas are posted, other users can rate the ideas, comment on them, and share them to social media for wider awareness. Our idea analysts will use the principles of open innovation and non-linear thinking to update the campaigns and problem statements during the process. Academic specialists and subject matter experts will test the hypotheses we formulate based on key findings. Our analysis team will cluster ideas to strengthen their impact and deploy AI resources to take that analysis further, using deep learning to surface non-obvious connections among them.

Findings and results will be presented at a press conference in New York City on June 19, 2019,  hosted by SAP’s Next-Gen community. This report will be presented to UN leaders before the Climate Action Summit on September 23, 2019.  

The Fix the Planet initiative was planned and initiated by volunteers at the Innovation360 Group, a Swedish firm committed to helping organizations everywhere achieve radical innovation for sustainable growth and profits. The idea collection and analytics platform is managed by ideation360, a part of the Innovation 360 Group devoted to enterprise-level idea generation and collaboration.

Non-monetization Pledge

The data we collect will be used only to track the evolution of ideas and to keep you informed when others interact with your idea. We will never use your contact info to market to you nor monetize the results. If you have questions about this, please reach out to us with the Contact form

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Key Team Members in Fix the Planet

The project was inspired by Innovation360 CEO and founder Magnus Penker. The campaign results will be analyzed by Innovation360 Canada’s Managing Director Gerry Purcell, with a team of experienced consultants, including Susan Wright, Wayne Savory, AJ Kennedy, and Alain Meloche. Analytics will be handled by the ideation360 platform using AI to sort and cluster ideas. Sofie Lindblom is the co-founder and managing director of ideation360.

About the Innovation360 Group

Innovation360 Group is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, with offices in Toronto, Canada, New York City, USA, and Chicago, USA. The company also supports over 200 consultants around the world trained in the Innovation360 methodology and innovation database, the InnoSurvey®, an IP protected software product that generates customized innovation metrics.

Our holistic, systems-based approach is designed to foster large scale change and innovation across entire industries and economies. We have developed and implemented large regional development projects around sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives.

As a part of our mission at Innovation360, we see the UN Sustainability Goals as a working blueprint for necessary change across industries and economies. We believe that sustainable development will create new wealth, growth and opportunities for future generations of all life on Earth.

About Fix the Planet partners

Fix the Planet is a non-profit initiative spearheaded by Innovation360 and ideation360 in partnership with the Swedish American Chamber of Commerce of New York, Giant Innovation, Dataföreningen i Sverige (The Swedish Computer Society), CrownStudent.com, Innovation Global Network, and many other friends and partners.

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