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UN Goal 13:
Climate Action

Starting with ideas related to the problem statements below, we will deploy AI to cluster your ideas and find hidden connections among them. Then we’ll iterate and conduct a targeted call for comments, combining the creativity of the crowd with deep insights from experts in the field. Welcome to the Fix the Planet team! 


If emissions continue at current rates, the planet will warm by 4 degrees C by 2100. That is likely to trigger unimaginable destruction, including intensified droughts, floods, severe storms, heat waves, and a rise in sea levels by three feet. International agreements like the Paris Accord won’t be enough and they are not even being followed.

How can we make emissions reduction profitable?

How do we eliminate or reduce emissions?

What preparations should we make now if a much warmer world is inevitable?


Converting to climate-friendly energy technologies requires simultaneous coordination of government policy, technological breakthroughs, public and private investment, and consumer interest. The likelihood of a best case scenario is alarmingly low because many global leaders deny there is a problem or have said that nothing can be done about it.

Can we make non-climate friendly energy irrelevant?

Which are the fastest, easiest to implement climate friendly energy technologies?

Which radical ideas for new energy sources deserve investigation?






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