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UN Goal 14:
Life Below Water

Starting with ideas related to the problem statements below, we will deploy AI to cluster your ideas and find hidden connections among them. Then we’ll iterate and conduct a targeted call for comments, combining the creativity of the crowd with deep insights from experts in the field. Welcome to the Fix the Planet team! 


3.6 million people die every year from drinking infected water. 780 million people do not have access to safe water. More than 35% of the world, 2.5 billion people, do not have access to sanitation. This is on a planet where the surface is 71% made of water.

Can we make drinkable water from other sources?

How can you make drinkable water from the ocean?

How do we generate pure water on site and eliminate the transportation of water?


Sea turtles are disappearing everywhere. Nearly all species are endangered. They are threatened by poachers, over-harvesting, habitation destruction, and climate change. The loss of sea turtles will disrupt beach and dune ecosystems, and will result in massive blooms of deadly jellyfish.

How do we make sea turtles less valuable to poachers and merchants?

How do we promote tourism around preserving sea turtles in their natural environments?

How will climate change affect our plans for saving the sea turtles?






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