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Posted by: Simona Rotaru

Campaign: How do you make recycling easier for the business community?

ReGo will be an app which basically will make 3 things: Firstly, it will connect the people who want to selectively collect waste with recycling companies. Secondly, it will motivate users with a game where each person can take an avatar and start a journey in a polluted world in order to realize the need for recycling. Lastly, it will create awareness regarding recycling and its importance through reports and documentaries. Please share your thoughts and we can make this a great idea.

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2 ratings

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Martin Hultqvist

I think this is a good idea. Gamification is good way to learn and interact - especially for younger generation.

Simona Rotaru

Younger but not only. My mother plays and she is 55. If we manage to make scenarious for each category we can catch everyone's attention.

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