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Charge a high fee for single use plastics

Posted by: Julia Doria

Campaign: How can we eliminate the need for plastic?

To cut down the use of single use plastics when shopping, many states in the United States have charged a fee to have use single use plastic bags. In my opinion, the cost is way to low (5-10 cents per bag). Charge a premium to use new plastic bags when shopping, for example $3 per plastic bag and the consumer will figure out an alternate way. Few people will pay the premium, but for the most part, the consumer will adjust their behavior to utilize an alternate source.

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2 ratings

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Susan Wright

I think this is a good idea Julia. Also, many of the name brand retailers have fancy bags that they put your purchase in (eg. Victoria Secret, Banana Republic, etc.) and those bags just get thrown away instead of being reused. (Personally, I use them to recycle my paper).

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