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Buildings and Infrastructure Designed for Recycling and Sustainable Living

Posted by: Soo Beng Khoh

Campaign: How do you make recycling easier for the business community?

High rise building (eg. apartment, condos etc) have been designed in a certain way, where the utilities(eg.plumbing) are usually at one corner of the building for various reasons. From the recycling point of view, we know that compose can be generated from food waste. What if the architect were to design the building by taking into consideration the key elements that are needed for sustainable living. What if the food grinder in the kitchen can be fed directly into the composting pit; what if the waste water (from showers) can be fed to irrigate the garden / urban vegetable farm etc. Biologist and aquaculturist can help the architect to incorporate sustainable design into the building. Making the building be part of the living. This may further complement the on-going recycling movement of separating the garbage (paper, glass etc).

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Susan Wright

What a fantastic idea!

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