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Introduce sin tax for plastic packaging

Posted by: Krishnan Naganathan

Campaign: How can we eliminate the need for plastic?

Plastic use has become widespread and indiscriminate due to it being very cheap. Traditional packaging has been replaced by plastic packaging purely because it is cheaper. One way to discourage corporates from offering plastic packaging is by introducing a sin tax on products packaged using plastics (either single or multiple use). Remove VAT/ GST credits for such products (not just for the packaging material but for the entire product); this will hit economic viability of plastic use.

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3 ratings

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Viji Ganesh

Monetary penalties unless really very high will not deter usage of plastic ,as purchasing power is very high. Rather make the producer 1. pay for it. 2. Make them responsible for collecting back packaging as per EPR clause of Plastic Waste management rules.

Susan Wright

I like the comment about making the producer responsible for collecting back the packaging as part of the EPA waste management rules. It could be promoted by the company as a sustainability goals.

Max Groppfeldt

And use the the funds received from taxing plastics to subsidize other packaging materials that are renewable!

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