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Problem of excess plastic in the environment

Posted by: Raj Kumar

Campaign: How can we eliminate the need for plastic?

Plastic ,as soon as the word comes to our mind,we think about disposable cups ,straws,plates and many others. But we must in now think that each and every plastic that we use it for our convenience becomes a burden to another orgnasim,it could too be ourselves. We as humans must think and find solutions to save and secure the environment. Here are some ideas: Use of biolplastics must be encouraged. Now we face another problem. To encourage it\'s use,it\'s properties must be known.The basic need over here is education. Each and every one of us,must be educated about this. We need to remember that there are about 780 million who are illiterate Plastics consumption must be reduced . Laws must be enforced strictly to follow rules not in just a few countries,but in each and every one of it. It must be made mandatory to pay a fine for every plastic either dumped in ocean,land or burnt. Burning of these harmful substances not only pollutes the atmosphere, but also can be fatal to organisms surviving on this planet. Being responsible global citizens it\'s in our hands to make the change for better future

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