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Share Evidence of Impacts of Non-climate Friendly Energy Sources using Visual Analytics

Posted by: Taofeeq Ashiru

Campaign: Can we make non climate-friendly energy irrelevant?

Correlation of non-climate friendly energy sources may not equate to causation in some cases. In cases that we have established causation or impact, we should create a global platform to share such cases using powerful visualization for policymakers to use. We should also utilize the power of visual models to project such impacts to send the messages of different scenarios of do-nothing or do-something by people or community with direct influence. “One picture is worth a thousand words.” – Fred R. Barnard.

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Gerry Purcell

this is a great idea! often actions are focused on perceived value where the outcomes are good, but not transformative. visuals would help target and address the larger pockets of need, and in doing so generate the largest impact. we all need to work together towards common goals!

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