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Prepared stainless steel thermal bottle with water at home rather than purchasing beverage with non-recyclable plastic bottles

Posted by: KA CHUN KAN

Campaign: What are some original business models that could help fund amphibian rescue operations?

As per my professional experience as the project lead for ‎activation of Hong Kong Green Building Council LinkedIn company page, https://www.linkedin.com/company/hong-kong-green-building-council-hkgbc-/ , leading to successful realisation of over 3,700 ‎targeted followers in a month, for the environmental-friendly enterprises whom used to ask their staff as well as the officers at the offices to build a greener built-in working and living environment.

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Susan Wright

I agree wholeheartedly with this idea. Promoting the use of sustainable water containers like stainless steel thermal bottles is responsible and practical. Non-recyclable plastic bottled water is such a waste! This is hitting the easy button!!

Susan Wright

Let's take this a step further and partner with a company that makes stainless steel thermal bottles to share a % of revenue to support frog habitat reclamation or farming.

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