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Use Water-based Robots to Capture Microplastics

Posted by: Taofeeq Ashiru

Campaign: How do we deal with all the poisonous microplastics now entering the food chain?

The May 2019 edition of National Geographic (North American Edition) reported an average of nine million tons per annum of the plastic waste get washed into the oceans, which eventually breaks down into microplastics and fish larva sometimes feed on them. Two things, plastic may finally get into our food chain resulting in health issues, and second, the world population of fish gets reduced, depriving us of essential sources of protein. With improved robotics, high tech sensors and other applications, we could work towards water-based robots with the ability to capture these microplastics. Such fish-robots could be powered with renewable energy sources, able to swim onshore to designated areas to release the microplastics for recycling all year long.

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6 ratings

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Vincent Doria

The idea of water-based robots is noble, it does not address the full problem; nor will it be able to cure it.

mallika mhatre

Such a great idea. Combines the best of technology and robotics. Love it

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