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Make the Use of seaweed pouches for sports drinks at sporting events a common practice.

Posted by: Susan Wright

Campaign: How can we increase the reuse of products, reduce production, and make a profitable business out of it?

Edible vegan seaweed pods made by Skipping Rocks Lab replaced 2,160,000 plastic bottles at the London Marathon this year. The Ooho seaweed pouches, which were made by Skipping Rocks Lab, featured sports drink Lucozade encased in a thin, tasteless membrane. After drinking, runners could either eat the pods or discard on the ground – as they biodegrade within six weeks.

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Laura Duran

This could easily be used at sport events but also at sport venues to promote the use of the pouches for the common public

Anthony Ferrier

I love this idea, and it\'s application to other sporting events. But the bigger question is how can that kind of technology be commercialized, so that they are available through broader retail outlets and can replace platic packaging on a regular, ongoing basis, rather than at specific events

Susan Wright

My understanding is that it was being tested at sporting events because of all the litter by the runners, etc. but I am sure that the company gathered reviews and feedback from those that used them in order to determine a larger market.

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