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Vacuum the plastic into recycling

Posted by: Vincent Doria

Campaign: How can we recycle the plastic garbage patch?

ABOVE WATER LINE: Technology presently exists to create giant vacuum cleaners and recycling plants on barges where they can be deployed to the plastic garbage patch. This could be on one gigantic barge or on two barges.....one for the vacuuming and the other for the recycling. Once the material is vacuumed and recycled, it can be transported by vessels or air.......helicopters. Therefore, the barges should be equipped with helipads and docking for vessels. BELOW THE WATER LINE: This is much more complex and requires human intervention and water-robots. While the concept of vacuuming remains the same, below the water line requires maneuverable vacuuming robots that have compacting equipments built into it. The concept of vacuuming

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