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Hydrogen produced for cars by water and sun locally, no 0% emission - the first test station the world in Sweden

Posted by: Magnus Penker

Campaign: How do we eliminate or reduce existing emissions?

In Sweden, an entrepreneur has designed and installed the first local hydrogen plan in the world driven by sun and water to fuel hydrogen cars! 0% emission and no transportations. This is amazing. Have a look at https://www.svt.se/nyheter/vetenskap/folj-med-till-varldens-forsta-sjalvforsorjande-vatgasmack How can we scale this up now? We need this solutions asap!

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5 ratings

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Susanne’ Wallner

My name is Susanne’ and i work with this for ElectriVillage Mariestad and this is amazing and this weekend we celebrate that everthing is working👍🏻

Martina Wettin

Thanks for sharing. We are the system solution provider and would love to share more info. Mariestad rules by being the early adopter! nilssonenergy.se Martina Wettin

Sasha Viasasha

This is such a great idea, I wonder how it could be replicated in otters places? I am curious what the ideal conditions for this kind of plant?

Veronica Purcell


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