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Automated smart bulk food sections that are locked and secure

Posted by: Sasha Viasasha

Campaign: How can we eliminate the need for plastic?

How can we place bulk snack sections within reach of all human communities (say at gas stations and convenience stores) and provide access to storage containers that are reusable and NOT made of plastic? What kind of infrastructure could support this? Can we automate bulk food sections so that it eliminates the common problems (potential contamination and also shoplifting). Build the price of the containers into the product, supply reusable containers and only charge when people lose the containers.

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5 ratings

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Aaron Morell

To do this we would need standardized containers for tare weight right? Really if we had reusable containers that had a trusted tare weight listed on the vessels then that in itself would eliminate those plastic bags.

Magnus Penker

Any ideas how to fix that?

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