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Drinking fog

Posted by: AJ Kennedy

Campaign: How do we generate pure water on site and eliminate the transportation of water?

There are those places where even dirty water is scarce, like the Atacama desert in northern Chile, or parts of the Anti-Atlas Mountains in Morocco. One thing those places do have in common though, is a lot of fog. But you can\'t drink that. Or can you? Fog collectors make the seemingly impossible, possible. As the misty mass passes through the weave of large vertical nets, tiny droplets of water get caught on the fabric and slowly trickle down the meshing into a collection system. The idea isn\'t new, but people have been tinkering to make fog collectors more efficient and durable, and to bring the technology to the remote areas that are ideally suited for its use. Source: https://www.dw.com/en/innovative-clean-water-technologies/a-45287950

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