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Used Plastic as Raw Materials for 3-D Printing

Posted by: Taofeeq Ashiru

Campaign: How can we recycle the plastic garbage patch?

With 3-D printing technology becoming matured and applications moving into the domain of small items to larger items, we should funnel more plastic garbage into feedstock for 3-D printing. The use of plastic garbage includes the building of homes (modularization), car parts, plane parts, and so many other useful applications.

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Magnus Penker

Love it! How can we bring it up? Can we have a ship securing it up from the ocean? Maybe also 3D printing it onsite at the ocean?

Agnes Sävenstedt

Adidas cooperate with Parley for the Oceans (https://www.parley.tv/#fortheoceans) to design it\'s ocean plastic waste products, this could be an inspiration for other companies, how can you use this as inspiration for your product innovation?: https://www.treehugger.com/sustainable-fashion/adidas-sold-1-million-pairs-shoes-made-ocean-plastic-last-year.html

Taofeeq Ashiru

The Adidas/Parley collaboration is a great idea, Agnes. We need to keep the discussions on and at the same time start translating them into projects to be funded by prominent corporations/philanthropists; there are many potentials to create so many jobs for green entrepreneurs globally.

Magnus Penker

Can we combine this with the floating factory idea? And produce on demand?

Taofeeq Ashiru

Indeed, Magnus, the floating plastic factory will be an essential consideration for plastic wastes in waters, and understanding of accumulation points should direct the gathering parts of such factories.

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