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Posted by: Ali Liban

Campaign: Can we make non climate-friendly energy irrelevant?

Existing clean energy equipment are NOT easily scale-able and cannot meet the urgent demand for reducing carbon emissions. It is essential to find solutions to save the planet we must start working on new designs to overcome this problem. But where do we start ? In our research we find some interesting points and we would like to share this with you. 1- Existing parabolic mirrors and solar panels share one major problem which is rarely mentioned. They are all made of glass, steel , aluminum and other solid materials. The equipment therefore requires manufacturing, transportation, installation and maintenance which increase costs . The chemical properties of silicon and the aerodynamic properties of wind turbines are fixed and difficult to change. They also have a low efficiency of around 20 %.. Urban areas areas are responsible for around 70 % of the carbon emissions. But existing equipment cannot be installed on tall building due to their limited roof areas. Existing equipment cannot therefore provide a solution for reducing carbon emissions or provide an affordable global energy access. 2-- It is a well -known fact that the sun delivers around 1000 Watts/sq.m to the earth. But most of us do not know that the earth is can also be an energy source. This is because it re-emits millions of gigawatts of infrared energy back into space. Existing solids-based equipment like parabolic mirrors are costly to scale up and are not suitable for concentrating and harvest this low density energy source. Large surface optical methods are needed for this purpose. 3- All energy generation methods in the universe are optical and hence non-solid. The sun itself consists of hydrogen and helium and is hence non-solid. It is only on earth we utilize equipment made of solid materials for energy generation. The optical re-design will connect us more efficiently with enormous energy source from the sun in both urban and rural areas. 4- We must therefor go optical to connect more efficiently with the enormous energy source of the sun to help us reduce carbon emissions combat climate change and achieve affordable energy access or even global prosperity. 5. Our startup offers optical clean energy redesigns and solutions for product development.

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Gerry Purcell

Thank you Ali -- very informative!

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