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Single All Purpose Devices as Solution to Reducing Electronic/Plastic Wastes (Regulations/Standardization)

Posted by: Taofeeq Ashiru

Campaign: How can we increase the reuse of products, reduce production, and make a profitable business out of it?

In our digital age, most of us own several devices for computing, communicating, note-booking, music, etc. The implication of such ownership is multiple devices that require upgrading after a certain period, increasing out electronic footprints and exposing people and our planet to hazardous wastes. To reduce such exposures, we could start developing “Single All Purpose Devices,” able to merge functionalities of PC, notebooks, phone, etc. into single devices that depend more on application upgrades as means of upgrading the tools for a minimum of five years before significant device upgrades. Monetization of major application upgrades should be used as an incentive for sustaining such business model, with the option for users to opt in or out without serious impact on utilities. For us to achieve such a concept, there must be elements of regulations and agreements by players in the industry (standardization).

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