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Everyone has great ideas, but not everyone feels comfortable sharing them. Here’s a simple, fun way you can help your friends and family add their ideas to Fix the Planet and make the world a better place to live, for ourselves and for future generations.

This simple 10 Step Plan for an Ideation Meetup is perfect for a quick break during the day at the office, for a lesson at school or for an assignment at the university level.

1. Introduce a friend or family member to the Fix the Planet website.

2. Share the blogs below for information and statistics on why we have chosen to concentrate on these 4 UN Sustainable Development Goals and why reaching these goals are so critical for everyone on the planet.

UN Goal #12 – Production and Consumption
UN Goal #13 – Energy and Emissions
UN Goal #14 – Ocean and Marine Life
UN Goal #15 – Land and Species

3. Select one of the 4 Goals that inspires them.

4. Ask your friend what might make it difficult to post an idea. Suggest ways to overcome these blockers.

5. Encourage them to share any idea, big or small. Let them know that most ideas will be clustered to strengthen their impact.

6. Review the three questions under each problem statement. Choose one to answer.

7. Help them brainstorm around the Goal you have chosen. They can get inspired by the ideas on the site or use Google to look for similar solutions. Both you and your friend can then post your ideas.

8. Go back and try to answer the other two questions. If you have time, look into the other Goals.

9. Comment positively and rate each other’s ideas.

10. Share both of your ideas on social media.

That’s all there is to it. Never forget that great things grow from even the smallest of seeds.

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